Our common future are the children. At Dental Center "AVANGUARD" is implemented program for prevention of caries,treatment of already developed caries, sealing on new erupted teeth with sealants, fluoric, mineralized materials.


Caring for your children's teeth should begin from the moment of appearance of the first of them. Usually this happens about 6 months. The first dental meeting is good to become more a year - year and a half. The reason for this is that there are "early" baby tooth decay, which destroys the "milk" teeth still in their appearance. Some parents think that milk teeth shoudn's treated as they should be replaced by permanent. This is very wrong. It has been shown that children with healthy milk teeth have a healthy permanent teeth. Moreover, the early loss of milk teeth leads to a reduction in space for the underlying continuous eruption,leading to distortion and adjacent teeth and dental purposes rows and jaws. Crooked teeth in turn lead to increased risk of developing caries in permanent teeth and gum disease.


So the earlier you start caring for milk teeth is an investment for health and beauty of the smile on your children.


The first permanent teeth appear in the sixth year. Particularly susceptible to damage from rapid decay are chewing teeth, because they are initially very deep surfaces where food is kept simple. Dental Centre "AVANGUARD" provides such teeth be prevented by sealing with sealants, or to find early decay is already developed and to stop this process on time!