Dental Centre "AVANGUARD" can carry out diagnosis and treatment of anomalies and deformities in the evolution of jaws and teeth. "Crooked" teeth and jaws lead to more problems in childhood. They are associated with aesthetic, functional and morphological disturbances. These disorders lead to early and late complications of varying severity, indicating the influence masticatory apparatus and the general condition.


Early complications are: difficulty in cleaning teeth and hence the accumulation of tartar, bleeding gums and more.

Late complication is periodontitis. It is in the early baring of teeth and shaking followed by their loss at a young age (35-45d.). This leads to the need for prosthesis treatment with bridges, dentures or implants.


What are the stages of treatment?

The first stage: Use existing functional and mechanical devices, depending on age and deformation. This is the stage of active orthodontic treatment.


The second stage is a retainer. It is associated with stabilization and retention of the results.



Future long-term health of your teeth is determined by today!