When most of the tooth is destroyed, his recovery is possible only by crowns. Often these are teeths that have been treated already. Crowns are used when necessary to correct an irregular shape and anatomics of the teeth. When all visible teeth will wear crowns we can change the color by introducing more white (if patient wishes) on new teeths.


In Dental Centre "AVANGUARD" you can choose from the following types of crowns:


  • metal - ceramic crown - inside of the crown (cap) is of metal and ceramic on top is molded in the shape and color of the new tooth. From decades this is the most widely used type of crown. It can achieve very good results, but in some cases shows deficiencies. Metal cap, although wrapped in ceramics and is not visible, can cause a bluish coloration of the crown. To hide the color of metal dental technician must use paints and ceramics with a lot of solid color, which sometimes gives an artificial appearance of the tooth. Patients who are allergic to metals, this type of crown is  not applied;
  • all-ceramic crown - no metal cap inside. Mentioned disadvantages are eliminated. The crown is more aesthetic, the color comes "from the depths" and adds the new tooth a more natural look. Furthermore, no staining occurs in the gums and not cause allergies. The disadvantage is that they can be made single, individual crowns, bridges are small - up to 3 teeth, as they are not so strong as metal-ceramic;
  • zirconium crown - her cap is made by material based on zirconium. It's very healthy, no metallic color and colored gums. This kind of crowns are very appreciate in dentistry nowadays, as they can be used not only for single crowns and small bridges, but also aims to restore the upper and lower jaws, without having the disadvantages of metal ceramics. Zirconium does not cause allergies

prosthesis with zirconium crowns



Clinician: Dr. Vangelov

Ceramist: Ignat Radulov